Dr. Teresa’s Ten paradigms lecture in the Aware center

Ten paradigms of Islam, derived from the speaker’s examination and practice of Islam, include its doctrine, which revolves around one God, and practice in the example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); the intuitiveness of Islam as a belief system and way of life; its role in fulfilling man’s need to worship;  its promotion of moderation and ease; and its provision of the “good life” for followers in mental, physical, social, and spiritual spheres of life

Other paradigms discussed include the concept as life on earth as means for testing and growth, with community interaction as the context; and man’s duty to consistently strive for pure monotheistic worship, personal virtue and growth, and social perfection, which is the speaker’s definition of jihad

She cited the motivation to strive on multiple levels as the inevitability of justice and the weighing of each person’s good and bad words and deeds in final judgment, and finally discussed the role of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s way of life as clear guidance for all of mankind

Photos by: Asraat Miah