Middle Eastern Cuisines Cooking Course at The Aware Center

The Aware Center’s mission is to introduce the West to the East. What better way to achieve this goal is by organizing Middle Eastern cooking course that introduces English speaking Western expatriates to the many mouth-watering cuisines of Kuwait? The cooking class was successful in allowing
participants to make Middle Eastern dishes and in allowing them a chance to enjoy such dishes with family, friends and classmates
The course specifically focused on Kuwaiti cuisines such as ‘Mattabag-Diyay’, which is simply a rice and chicken dish, that is prepared in a way that requires little patience and a lot of love and careful articulation of the original Kuwaiti style of cooking
We had a quick interview with Madam Iman Martin, who conducted this cooking course numerous times at the Aware center
Achpress: ” Could you please tell us about your cooking course tonight?”

Iman Martin:  “Well, we call it a Middle Eastern cooking course; because obviously the center is about the Arab world, that includes Kuwaiti cuisines, it is to give people a chance to understand the cuisines in the region and how we use the spices…some of the spices are not used, or common, in the West. But we also explain the cultural differences as well, and how these dishes are served and what many vegetarian dishes are included in our cuisines, as well ”
Achpress: “Very good. What sort of dish you and the students will be having tonight?”
Iman Martin: ” Well, of course ‘Matchbus-diyay’, which is the main course, that will be served with salads and desserts. But of course, each week is

Achpress: “Do you think that ‘Matchbus-diyay’ is difficult for students?”
Iman Martin: “It is not necessarily difficult, but it takes time and in the end, the flavour is usually very rewarding”

Reported by: Jeri Al-Jeri