Nuruddeen Lemu, on violent extremism In the Aware center

 The charismatic lecturer Nuruddeen Lemu, delieverd an important lecture about a serious and cancerous social and psychological monstrosity know as “violent extremism”.  On Tuesday, December 10th at 7.15 pm, Sheik Lemu gave this critical lecture that had this specific goal; “Understand violent extremism and our collective future”

And here is a brief quoted short synopsis
“Violent religious heretics or extremists try to occupy vacuums of authority inadvertently created by orthodoxy’s seeming complacency with important individual or community grievances. Ideology without grievances rarely evolves into a liberation theology with violence. As with the use of bio-mimicry and camouflage in nature, the use of trusted religious symbolism, texts and rhetoric by violent religious extremists makes the extremist ideology difficult to identify by many and especially the religiously illiterate. The many pathways to violent extremism call for diverse and nuanced PVE efforts. However, the integrity of the ideology of violent extremism is critical to the survival of the organisation. Building resilience against violent extremism within Muslim societies requires among other things that Muslim scholars and activists of diverse specialisations to be adequately exposed to some specific critical thinking tools of Islamic jurisprudence and legal theory in order to more easily identify and successfully deconstruct the extremist ideology and its narratives.
This approach has been tried out and assessed in responding to the threat of ideological recruitment of Boko Haram in Northeastern Nigeria.”
By: Jeri Aljeri